8 startups from Moldova will participate at TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2023

Entrepreneurs from Moldova will present their innovative business ideas at a major event in the global tech industry, TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2023.

The synergy of several actors from Moldova contributes to the promotion of a vibrant startup ecosystem, and its encouragement to develop is supported, including, by the participation of Moldovan startups in international events. TechCrunch offers unique opportunities for startups to showcase their innovations, gain exposure, create collaborations, and access potential investments. In this article, we will talk about the 8 startups that will represent our country at TechCrunch and the criteria by which they were selected, we will highlight the opportunities of this extraordinary event and give you some ideas on how you can support and encourage the participation of our country’s representatives, to maximize the benefits of this event for the entire community.

Who are the startups from Moldova that will participate in TechCrunch?

  • Index – a global network of world-class software developers, helping businesses find and hire top engineering talent.
  • Langly Inc – a non-standard platform for learning English based on the Oxford English course.
  • Fagura.com – a P2P credit platform
  • Unde.io – a platform for managing event pages with tools for promoting events, selling tickets, and building the community.
  • Selftalk – a behavioral health application that helps IT employees cope with anxiety through Selftalk audios that teach them to talk to themselves as a therapist would.
  • Brizy – a site builder that can be easily used by anyone.
  • Viar.live – a platform that allows enthusiasts and business owners to easily create and share amazing VR content.
  • Pinky CyberSafe – one-stop Platform for SMEs to help them mitigate main cybersecurity risks.

What were the criteria that convinced the selection committee?

  • The relevance of the startup for the technological field;
  • Clear definition of the purpose of participating in TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2023;
  • Use of the latest technologies (ML, IoT, web3, others);
  • Coherence of purpose, objectives, activities, results following the conference participation.

Why is the participation of startup founders from Moldova at TechCrunch valuable?

Amplified visibility: TechCrunch is a global platform that attracts investors, venture capitalists, industry experts, and media representatives from around the world. By participating, Moldovan startups will gain exposure to a wider audience, create brand recognition, and position themselves as significant players in the global tech startup ecosystem.

Networking opportunities: The event provides an extraordinary networking environment, allowing our founders to connect with other entrepreneurs, industry leaders, potential partners, and investors. Imagine that Zuckerberg, Musk, Altman were also, at a certain stage, on the TechCrunch stage, before achieving their current success.

Funding prospects: TechCrunch has a history of attracting investors in search of innovative startups. The #madeinmoldova startups will have the opportunity to present their ideas, and if convincing, have a chance to attract funding for growth and development. The event offers a platform for startups to capture the attention of potential investors actively seeking the next big thing in technology.

How can you support and encourage the participation of our country’s representatives at TechCrunch?

  • Share this article on social media with the message: Moldova goes to TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2023.
  • Tell your friends and colleagues from other countries, who will attend the event, that representatives from Moldova will also be there. Moreover, our country will have a national pavilion at the event.
  • Tell the community you belong to about this encouraging news for the Moldovan startup ecosystem.
  • Follow Technovator’s activity for important news about the participation of Moldovan startups at TechCrunch and other technological and entrepreneurial opportunities.

The participation of startups from Moldova at the conference is possible whit the support provided by the Future Technologies Project in Moldova, funded by USAID, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The country pavilion of Moldova at the conference will be ensured with the support of WNISEF. The visit of teams from Moldova to TechCrunch Disrupt, in San Francisco, is carried out at the initiative and implementation of Technovator.

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