Copilot X Workshop for Developers

Attention, developers!

Ready to enhance your coding skills? Want to boost productivity, spot and fix errors, and even simplify complex tasks such as regex operations?

Enter Copilot X, your smart coding buddy.

Join us for an exclusive offline workshop dedicated to exploring the cutting-edge tool Copilot X. Over a period of 4 hours, you’ll learn, practice, and apply new insights.

Why participate and workshop details?

Meet Copilot X: Get introduced to your new coding sidekick. Copilot X is not just a tool, it’s like a super-smart coding ally that helps you refine, debug, and test your code efficiently.

Learning about LLMs: Deep dive into Language Models (LLMs) that empower Copilot X to make sense of texts and generate code.

Hands-on Practice: Roll up your sleeves and brainstorm ideas for applications, and then bring one of your ideas to life using Copilot X.

Show and Tell: Showcase your demo application, discuss your experience, and gain insights from fellow developers’ creations.

Wrap Up: We’ll end the day by revisiting key takeaways, plus you’ll receive extra resources for continuous learning with Copilot X.

Limited seats available! We’re welcoming only 20 participants to ensure quality learning. The registration fee is just 50 EUR. Here you can secure your place:

Your Guide: Vitalie Eșanu. Founder & CTO at Soofragio, Privesc.Eu, and a coding enthusiast since age 12, Vitalie is a versatile programmer with extensive experience in languages like C#, JavaScript, Python, and more. His love for continuous learning and passion for sharing knowledge make him an exceptional guide on your journey to mastering Copilot X.

Mark your calendar for August 24, at 16:00, Sergey Lazo 38 street, for a value-packed workshop that’s sure to level up your coding skills. Register today, and we look forward to saying hello and kick-starting a fun, engaging, and enriching workshop. Happy coding! 

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