Moldova’s potential of becoming a technological hub, showcased at Deeptech GigaHack

In a country where IT services are experiencing an annual boom, with a steady 40% growth over the last few years, the Republic of Moldova is embracing new strategies to drive progress within the tech industry. Hosting the largest IT Park in the country, awarded by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for being one of the world’s best practices in promoting and developing the IT ecosystem, and also providing an enticing environment for attracting investors, Moldova is focusing its efforts on the development of innovative tech products. A concrete evidence of this commitment is Deeptech Gigahack, the largest international hackathon ever held in Moldova, on September 9-10, which attracted countries such as Estonia, France, Romania and Ukraine, uniting nearly 300 participants from the thriving tech community.

“Moldova is a destination for innovation and creativity. We are looking for innovative solutions for forest monitoring, efficient waste management, and we are sure that you can help us identify them. Know that everyone is proud of the innovations in our country, and anything you do in Moldova can be transformed into a global business.” – Dorin Recean, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova

“This competition provides a platform for young people from Moldova to demonstrate their creativity and innovation in technology. We are proud to support this initiative and to be a part of developing future talent in Moldova.” – Kent D. Logsdon, the US Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova

Over the span of an intense 36-hour competition, these participants collectively engineered more than 40 cutting-edge solutions with a keen focus on reshaping industries such as healthcare, biomedicine, public services, and many more. Among these visionary solutions, eight have emerged as game-changers, opening up exciting avenues for business opportunities and societal advancement.

Exploring the cutting-edge solutions forging the future at Deeptech GigaHack

In this grand competition of identifying practical and real solutions, public and private companies, international investors, and the Government of the Republic of Moldova have enlisted, each presenting specific tech-related challenges. As a result, this platform has evolved into a comprehensive ecosystem, with all industry stakeholders involved, fostering an environment conducive to the development of a wide array of innovative concepts, including:

  • Advanced energy solutions, promising precise anticipation of electricity production, presenting significant opportunities in the energy industry.
  • Healthcare innovations, marked by the creation of 3D digital avatars to reflect patients’ health statuses, paving the way for personalized medical solutions.
  • Biotechnology breakthroughs, including an app that simplifies advanced biomedicine research, making significant contributions to the scientific field.
  • Financial solutions, bringing a novel and convenient method for parking payment, directly linked to users’ bank accounts, representing transformative potential for the financial services industry.
  • Governmental efficiency, by simplifying citizen interactions with government services, ushering in an era of more efficient public services.
  • Big Data and analytics, involving predictive models for daily store orders and real-time aggregation of company data, bolstering the data analytics sector.
  • Unconventional innovations, fostered through an open challenge, introduce a tech concept focused on simplifying the creation of mechanical prosthetics, offering vital support for individuals with mechanical disabilities to seamlessly integrate into society.

Deeptech GigaHack winners were rewarded with cash prizes, but the most important was the experience of collaborating with top industry experts, working in an intense environment of innovation and turning their ideas into tangible, functional solutions.The event was not just a competition; it acted as a catalyst for future international collaborations and the development of an intelligent technological ecosystem in Moldova.

“The first edition of Deeptech GigaHack was a resounding success, emerging as an international platform for collaboration among experts, specialists, and technology enthusiasts with varying levels of expertise and specialization. The hackathon serves as a launchpad for future international partnerships and the development of an intelligent technological ecosystem in Moldova, making it an attractive hub for global collaborations. Through the success of this edition, we have demonstrated our readiness to be part of the global technological revolution and actively contribute to addressing real-world challenges, both in the public and private sectors, using technology and innovation.” – Mary Nemciuc, CEO of Technovator and the main organizer of Deeptech GigaHack.

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About Deeptech GigaHack

Deeptech GigaHack is the largest international hackathon ever organized in the Republic of Moldova, providing an effective platform for generating, experimenting with, and proliferating innovative ideas and solutions in the field of advanced technologies. The event was a groundbreaking initiative for our country, offering an excellent opportunity to encourage young talents to generate new ideas and innovations that enhance the quality of life and promote the country’s economic development.

Deeptech GigaHack was organized by Technovator, with co-organizers including Digital Park, XY, and The event was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Development and Digitalization, with the support of the Future Technologies Activity, funded by USAID, Sweden, UKAid, and WNISEF. Partners of the event included the UNIDO GCIP Moldova project, the e-Government Agency, Moldova Cybersecurity Rapid Assistance, IT Bricks, MegaWatt, Veridion, AC Tech, CoRLabtech, Medpark, Big Data Federation, Efes Moldova, Simpals, StarNet, Wisecube, La French Tech, Rift Sequence, OM, Smart Coffee, Gusto Italiano, and many other contributors and co-organizers.

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