Moldova Product Management Bootcamp

One summer weekend of Product Management Bootcamp, how it goes?

The weekend of June 24-25, at FinTech Hub, product management enthusiasts gathered for an intensive and transformative experience at the Product Management Bootcamp. This two-day program was designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and industry insights needed to excel in the dynamic field of product management. 

The event attracted over 30 participants, from beginners, juniors, middle product managers, to entrepreneurs and professionals from diverse backgrounds. The bootcamp’s success was attributed to the presence of industry experts and mentors, such as Sergey Komarov and Serghey Bobrov, who shared their invaluable expertise and practical experiences with the participants. 

It was an honor to organize and host this transformative event that brought together passionate individuals who are eager to excel in product management. I would like to express my gratitude to our partners, mentors, and the entire organizing team (Natalia, Anastasia, Ligia, Vera, Irina) for their unwavering support and dedication. I am proud of what we have achieved together and excited for the future as we continue to empower product managers and foster a thriving community of innovators in Moldova.” said Mary Nemciuc, Executive Director, Technovator; Co-founder, Product Management Community Moldova.

Seeing at our bootcamp over 30 enthusiasts in product management that come together in a shared pursuit of knowledge and growth was truly inspiring. Our choice of mentors, Sergey Komarov and Serghey Bobrov, was pivotal in delivering an exceptional learning experience that will not only benefit the participants in their current roles, but also contribute to the overall advancement of the product management community in Moldova. It is my firm belief that this event has set a new standard for professional development opportunities in product management. mentioned Elena Pavlovskaya, Co-founder, Product Management Community Moldova and Senior Product Manager.

Insights from key experts

Serghey Bobrov, Senior Product Manager, played a significant role in guiding the bootcamp participants towards success. With nine years of experience in product development, he shared his expertise on the topics: product launch strategies and tactics, product roadmap and launch plan, product development methodologies, A\B tests and data driven approach, deep dive in metrics (AAARR), etc. On one of the slides of Sergei’s presentation he wrote, “in order to achieve product/market fit your product must be 10 times better than the existing alternative.” We keep that here too. 

Sergey Komarov, Head of Digital Banking at Freedom Finance, a renowned figure in product management, brought his impressive background and wealth of experience to the bootcamp. Participants at the bootcamp were privileged to learn from Sergey’s deep understanding of: understanding user needs and personas, developing product requirements and features, user research and usability testing, best practices for working with cross-functional teams, product frameworks, etc. Bound by cross-functional teams he noted: “By bringing together people with seemingly competing everyday goals, you can ensure that the goals of the product are advanced throughout its development.”

Key Takeaways from the Product Management Bootcamp

Mihail Țurcan, participant from maib The bootcamp exceeded my expectations. From understanding user needs and personas to developing product requirements and exploring different methodologies, the bootcamp equipped me with the necessary tools to tackle challenges in my role. The group exercises and real-world examples allowed me to apply my learning immediately, reinforcing the concepts and making the experience even more meaningful. Interacting with like-minded professionals and sharing experiences and insights fostered meaningful connections that will continue to benefit me in my career.”

Corina Balteanco, participant from StarNetOverall, the Product Management Bootcamp was a game-changer for me. The mentorship provided by Sergey Komarov and Serghey Bobrov was exceptional. Their expertise and real-world experiences were invaluable in guiding us through the complexities of product management. I was particularly inspired by Sergey’s impressive track record in launching successful digital products and Serghey’s dedication to empowering aspiring product managers, especially women.”

Participants lagged behind the bootcamp equipped with the skills, a cool network of contacts, and industry best practices needed to navigate the fast-paced world of product management. If you’re looking to enhance your product management career, keep an eye our next events – meetups, bootcamps and Product Management Conference

The Product Management Bootcamp was organized by the Product Management Community Moldova within Technovator, in partnership with FinTech Hub, and is supported by the Future Technologies Activity (FTA), which is funded by USAID, Sweden, and UKaid.

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