Technovator is hiring a social media manager



Technovator is a non-profit organization with a strong vision of pushing the frontiers of innovations and providing the best talents to the market and society. This engagement is realized by supporting the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, maintaining strong connections with the tech communities, and having access to a network of high-profile experts. 

At Technovator, we are: 

  • Connecting technologies and tech talents with key industries, further creating the AgTech, HealthTech, FinTech, and PowerTech ecosystems; 
  • Developing the startup mindset for students in 11 universities across Moldova; 
  • Growing experts and communities within such programs as Product Management and Startup Trackers; 
  • Acting quickly in the face of crises, by developing the Tech Talents Platform for Ukraine / Ukrainians; 
  • Driving innovations by connecting communities within such initiatives as Innovation Laboratories, Forums, Hackathons, Accelerators, and Conferences. 

Job Requirements:

  • Work experience as an SMM (content creating, story making) for at least 1 year, mainly with social projects;
  • High level of copywriting skills in Romanian and English; knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian will be an advantage;
  • Creativity and ability to develop original content; 
  • Ability to take good photos and videos, video editing skills, and photo editing skills; 
  • Knowledge of the specifics of promotion in each of the social networks Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and Linkedin; 
  • Teamwork skills;
  • Ability to complete tasks quickly and on time, and manage multiple projects simultaneously;
  • Ability to search for the necessary information independently, attention to detail, and communication skills;
  • Interest and involvement in projects.

The experience of maintaining a personal blog or social media account will be an advantage. 

What You’ll Do:

  • Manage corporate pages on social networks Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Telegram;
  • Develop social media strategies and social media content plans, together with other team members; 
  • Implement promotion strategies through social networks, creation of posts, stories, photos, and video content;
  • Write technical tasks for the design of content for the designer;
  • Be present at all events organized by the team – seminars, conferences, online events; 
  • Make creative content and stories during and after events (2-3 events per month);
  • Participate in the weekly team meetings, participate in creative brainstorms regarding the promotion of our technological products on social media; 
  • Prepare reports and recommendations on maintaining social networks monthly and upon request. 

What Do We Offer?

  • Experience working on international projects;
  • Support in training and professional development;
  • Attending events for personal development & growth in the most promising IT fields at the moment;
  • Amicable staff, lack of bureaucracy in the company;
  • Remote work opportunities; 
  • Possibility of part-time work; 
  • Opportunity to work in a comfortable office in the city center.

If you think this opportunity is suitable, please send your CV to: and we will contact you for an interview. 

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