The first IT entrepreneurship course was launched on the left bank of Nistru river

More than 60 IT professionals, students, and company representatives participated on Saturday, September 24, at the launch of the first technological entrepreneurship course on the left side of the Nistru river, in the Tiraspol Business Hub. The program will last for 7 weeks and is implemented by Technovator (right bank) in partnership with the Agency for Innovation and Development (left bank), within the European Union Program ”Confidence-Building Measures”, implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Thus, participants will form mixed teams and learn about product management and modern tools for product launch and development, project management, project planning, market research and consumer interaction, business needs and models, business planning, strategy product development, MVP, product testing, etc. The course will include both theoretical and practical activities, and the teams will be guided by startup trackers, who will monitor the progress of the teams. They will have sessions with mentors qualified in the field in which they develop the solutions/products.

This program offers future prospects for each participant. It will be 7 weeks of intensive work, which will turn into a personal experience and each of the participants will leave with certain lessons learned. Also, visits to the right bank will be organized to get to know the community within Product management Moldova and to ensure its continuity and keep the connection between both banks“, mentioned Elena Cabac, UNDP Moldova senior project officer.

During the two months, the participating teams will have support tools, such as the three trackers that will analyze the team’s results and guide them in product development. At the same time, weekly, the teams will have the opportunity to participate in sessions with mentors, experts in various fields, and ask questions if they face difficulties“, said Serghei Tcacenco, manager of trackers.

The teams will try to identify solutions for the development of the following products:

  1. chatbot for event participant registration and process automation;
  2. a platform for handmade producers for receiving orders, presented by the Digital Transformation Association;
  3. accounting system for HoReCa, presented by the Digital Transformation Association;
  4. a process registration system for farmers, presented by the Digital Transformation Association;
  5. customer registration application presented by Business Hub;
  6. app for analyzing products from a company’s portfolio, presented by Intercenter Lux;
  7. app for the financial analysis of logistics expenses when importing and exporting products, presented by Intercenter Lux;
  8. app for event organizers, presented by the Association of Creative Industries, etc.

My idea is to develop an app for organizing events, but I don’t have a team. I am waiting for designers and IT developers to join me to create an application and I hope that by the end of this accelerator we will be able to develop it“, said Olesya Lungu, a participant in the technology entrepreneurship course.

The event ended with the first-course lesson on the basics of product management, held by Elena Pavlovskaya, product manager, co-founder of Product Management Moldova, and mentor in the program. 

“Product management includes planning, developing, launching, and marketing a product. It is a general term that describes a wide variety of tasks and activities to bring a certain product to market,” said Elena Pavlovskaya.

More details about the course and program modules can be accessed here:

The project is implemented by IP Technovator and the Agency for Innovation and Development in Tiraspol, within the EU Program “Confidence-Building Measures”, financed by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

*The opinions expressed in this material do not represent the official point of view of the European Union or the UNDP.

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