UA Tech Talents, the platform that connects Ukrainian tech talents with European IT companies, is being updated

UA Tech Talents, the platform launched for Tech specialists from Ukraine looking for a job in Europe, is in the process of being updated to meet the current realities and needs of Ukrainian professionals.

According to several researches carried out on the situation of IT specialists in Ukraine, in the context of the war and the cessation of the activity of several IT companies, additional support is needed for the integration of Ukrainian tech talents in the European market and in the region.

In this regard, thanks to the support of the European Fund for South-Eastern Europe (EFSE), the UA Tech Talents team is working on the new version of the platform which will have innovative functionalities to facilitate the hiring process, such as a list of mentors who will guide Ukrainians in aspects related to the writing of the CV and the creation / completion of the professional profile on Linkedin, job interview simulations, but also professional reconversion / improvement by participating in courses / workshops. At the same time, the project aims to provide support in professional switching and employment in the field of work for specialists in fields related to the IT sector.

Simultaneously, the Technovator team, which implements the UA Tech Talents initiative, conducts interviews with candidates registered on the platform, but also with companies that have published available offers, in order to better understand the challenges faced by both potential employees and employers. Soon the page will be updated and include new functionality to be consistent with their requirements as well.

IT jobs are among the highest paying in Europe, and a job can restore financial security and emotional stability to families affected by the war in Ukraine, whether they stay in the country or integrate into European societies and labor markets.

UA Tech Talents was launched at the beginning of March 2022 to facilitate the access of tech talents from Ukraine to the offers and the labor market in Europe and the region and in a short time gathered more than 700 job opportunities. The platform addresses both Ukrainians resettled in EU / European countries and those living in Ukraine.

The UA Tech Talents program is implemented by Technovator with the support of the European Fund for South-East Europe (EFSE).

Let’s support as many Ukrainian tech talents as possible! Join us as a mentor and register here: Your experience can change the future of specialists in Ukraine!

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