Technnovator supported by The Moldova Future Technologies Activity (FTA) funded by USAID and Sweden gathered a delegation formed of 10 Moldovan startup leaders to represent Moldova at the Pirate Summit in Cologne, Germany, which will take place between the 6-7 of September 2022.

Meet the traveling group:

  1. Emil Chichioi with Bloomcoding – digital, global coding after-school for children who learn to code through the development of Virtual and Augmented reality experiences 
  2. Olea Graur with ClickSchool trains and mentors people for free to start an IT career. Students pay only after they get employed.
  3. Maria Bivol with XY – accelerates startups by providing deep operational support. Also from XY, we are proud to have in the crew, their founder, Traian Chivriga as a stellar speaker on agenda with the workshop “How to bootstrap” 
  4. Tatiana Cotliuba with Aheel – it is a tracker that would be attached to the runner’s shoes. It will be equipped with special sensors to accurately track the runners’ metric data in real-time. 
  5. Sergiu Motreac with MyID –  a decentralized Digital Identity Platform that brings solutions related to Digital Identity, Remote Identification, Data portability, and Personal Data sharing using the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) approach
  6. Mike Sokirka with Index – a global platform of remote engineers that improve the building of software products for leading companies
  7. Stanislav Gladis with DELY – White label digital commerce platform and delivery solutions that features the whole package of software and applications required to set up and run a digital commerce or food delivery business
  8. Bogdan Sorin Babii with – a platform for event organizers with a custom-made CRM, marketing tools, and sponsorship deals through big data analytics & in-depth statistics
  9. Maricela Bejan with BabyMeDi – a device that are tracking baby’s temperature and other vital signs like heart rate, oxygen level, and hydration through the mobile application, which includes a color-coded algorithm and the medical protocol that will come with recommendations
  10. Stanislav Maslov with Lectio – Virtual Reality laboratory to schools

* The Moldovan crew is carried by Mary Nemciuc, the ambassador of Pirate Summit 2022 and CEO of Technovator – an organization focused on growing talents to innovate.

The participants were carefully selected after the open call for participation which was launched on July 15, 2022.

The purpose of this trip is to create meaningful connections with relevant key players and attract investments and genuine interest in the Moldovan tech talents and startups.

Founded in 2010, PIRATE Summit is a conference specifically designed for entrepreneurs on their journey. It is about connecting, debating and learning. Focused on real-life experiences, learning from failure and success. It’s about the messy reality of the entrepreneurial roller coaster. Raw and authentic. 

It goes beyond any ordinary conference experience. And to embrace the extraordinary, it takes place in one of Cologne’s most unique locations: Odonien – a scrapyard turned into an outdoor art gallery. It is the perfect pirate location and offers enough space for robots, fire, and networking.

The overall theme for 2022 is #RaiseYourself, following topic tracks: Raise Yourself, Re-humanize work, Startup tactics, Founder stories, Climate Tech, and Tech trends.

The agenda is proposed by the community and heavily focuses on P2P learning and interactive formats like Campfires, Clinics, Masterclasses, 1-on-1 meetings, and selected highlight keynotes.

The participation of Moldovan startups at Pirate Summit 2022 is organized by Technovator with the support of the The Moldova Future Technologies Activity (FTA) funded by USAID and Sweden.

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