The Moldovan startup community participated from 18 to 22 September 2023 in a fascinating visit to San Francisco to showcase their innovation and place Moldova on the global technological map.

Advanced moldovan startups and a team of 17 dedicated people represented the Republic of Moldova at one of the most important events of the tech field – TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 and other related opportunities and events. In this article, we will tell about the experience of the 8 startups in the heart of where the world’s digital dreams come to life and what was the program of this journey. We will highlight the opportunities of this extraordinary event and give you some impressions about this experience. 

The Moldovan Pavilion: an astounding presence at TechCrunch 

The pavilion of the Republic of Moldova has boosted the country’s dynamic startup ecosystem, highlighting the most promising tech initiatives. The startups caught the attention of journalists from TC Disrupt, who were intrigued by their tech solutions and what Moldova has to offer. The atmosphere was electric, charged with optimism and a sense of collective accomplishment.

Moldovan startups rocked the pitch showcase stage at TechCrunch

With a palpable sense of ambition and drive – Brizy,,, Fagura, Langly App, Pinky CyberSafe, Viar.Live, and delivered exceptional pitches. The startups had the opportunity to pitch in front of a global audience of investors, fellow tech visionaries, and industry leaders. 

Moldova Startup Day San Francisco – a resounding success

Moldova Startup Day in San Francisco marked a historic day for Moldovan startups on the international stage. This event was a seed planted to support the integration of Moldovan startups on the American market, to create collaborations with local investors and enterprises and to contribute to the economic development of Moldova.  And let’s just say, our startups didn’t just present – they conquered.

Moldovan Startups in Silicon Valley

The purpose of this visit was to immerse Moldova’s brightest in the pioneering technologies and transformative strategies that Silicon Valley is renowned for, thereby charting a decisive course for Moldova’s digital transformation. Engaging directly with tech giants such as Stanford, Google, and Apple, our startups were privy to firsthand insights into the world’s most disruptive innovation models. Beyond the learning, this visit was about forging meaningful connections, we’ve sown the seeds for potential future collaborations that can elevate Moldova’s tech landscape.

Moldova Startups in San Francisco: a journey made memorable by Moldovan People

For Moldovan delegation, the journey became memorable because of some remarkable Moldovans, who have carved a niche for themselves in San Francisco’s tech ecosystem. Oleg Ciubotaru from Meta, Marina Vatav at Apple, and ex-Googler Cristian Cerneanu were instrumental in providing behind-the-scenes insights. Special recognition is due for Elena Oprea and Viorica Vanica from SelfTalk, whose Draper University journey symbolizes the Silicon Valley dream. The guiding light of Esanu Boris, an impact-driven investor, further illuminated the path for Moldova’s startups.

The initiative Moldova Startups in San Francisco was not just a one-day achievement, but a stepping stone to many other future milestones. Let us all rally behind these visionaries and continue to capitalize on the huge startup potential promised by Moldova.

“This San Francisco venture marked a significant chapter in the seven-year journey of nurturing Moldova’s startup ecosystem. The exceptional talents of our eight showcased startups at the TechCrunch Disrupt were undeniable, positioning Moldova firmly on the global tech canvas. From forging pivotal connections with tech giants like Meta and Apple to immersing in Silicon Valley’s innovation, it was a collective endeavor that has rekindled our commitment to driving innovation in Moldova’s entrepreneurial realm.”Founder and Executive Director, Technovator

“The pitches by Moldovan startups at TechCrunch Disrupt showcased the undeniable talent and drive we possess, marking a significant stride for Moldova on the global tech landscape. Immense gratitude to the visionaries fostering our local startup ecosystem, as we stand on the brink of scaling from a notable 100 to envisioning thousands in the future. An interesting takeaway: the industry is now championing ‘Elefants’ over ‘Unicorns’, underscoring that innovation should echo the community’s needs and serve humanity at large.” – Doina Nistor, Director of Future Technologies Project in Moldova

Elena Oprea, co-founder Selftalk on the “Moldova Startups in San Francisco” Experience:

“Showcasing Selftalk at #TechCrunchDisrupt was a transformative experience, distinct from our past roles as mere participants. Viorica Vanica and I were thrilled to introduce our vision through the Selftalk app to such a diverse audience, gleaning immediate and invaluable feedback. The connections and insights gained will undeniably shape our journey ahead.”

This initiative is supported by the Future Technologies Project in Moldova – Innovate Moldova, funded by USAID, Sweden, and the United Kingdom and Western NIS Enterprise Fund, at the initiative and implementation of Technovator.

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